work on the twin prime conjecture by Paul J. Brinson

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The purpose of this website is to share the many years of work by Paul J. Brinson, in the hope that others can use it and build on it.


Mr. Brinson self-published his first work in 1989. He sent it out to many mathematicians worldwide, and got several responses. One Mathematician from Sweden found a flaw in the proof, and Mr. Brinson spent many years attempting to correct that flaw. By the time of his death, he had successfully amended the most of the proof. Only Point 7 remains unfinished.

In 2000, he wrote "A Formula for the Fine Structure Constant," a formula that was associated with his Twin Prime Theorem. His Fine Structure Constant formula was deemed to have potential by several university level mathematicians. However, in his final years, he devoted most of his efforts to completing his primary work on the Twin Prime Theorem."

You can download the PDFs below to read this work, which includes an Outline of the Proof and Bookmarks to 11 Points and 4 Addendums.


A Proof of the Twin Prime Theorem


A Formula for the Fine Structure Constant


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